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Abstract #2306

Functional Connectivity in the Mouse Brain Detected Under Different Dosages of Medetomdine

Fatima Nasrallah1, Hui Chien Tay1, Krzysztof Pyka1, Kai-Hsiang Chuang1

1Magnetic Resonance Imaging Group, A*Star Biomedical Research Institutes, Singapore, Singapore

Consistent functional networks have been identified in the resting brain of humans, monkeys, and rats. Since most transgenic models of neurodegenerative diseases are only available in mouse, efforts have been made to detect the resting-state networks in mice. Here we demonstrated, as in other species, robust functional connectivity in the mouse brain and showed, that opposed to what has been shown in the rat, functional connectivity is preserved under high dosages of the commonly used sedative medetomidine.