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Abstract #2417

Comparison of Accuracy and Precision of Image-Based Fat Quantification with Different Flip Angle Approaches in Skeletal Muscle

Pernilla Peterson1, Sven Mnsson1

1Medical Radiation Physics, Malm, Lund University, Malm, Sweden

This study aims at investigating the potential gain in precision using large or dual flip angles (FAs) for quantification of fat fraction (FF) in skeletal muscles, compared to a small FA approach. The accuracy and precision within muscle tissue in the lower leg of five lymphedema patients was investigated using small, large, and dual FAs. There was no improvement in precision of FF quantification from using neither a large nor dual FA approach. The large FA approach also resulted in a clear overestimation of the FFs. In conclusion, a small FA approach is preferable for FF quantification in skeletal muscles.