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Abstract #2419

Comparison of Hepatic Fat Measurements Using Dual-Echo MDIXON Imaging and 1H MRS with Fat Phantom Validation

Paul Begovatz1, Peter Nowotny1, Tomas Jelenik1, Bettina Nowotny1, Birgit Klppelholz2, Guido Giani2, Juergen Bunke3, Michael Roden1, 4, Jong-Hee Hwang1

1Institute of Clinical Diabetology, German Diabetes Center, Duesseldorf, Germany; 2Institute for Biometry and Epidemiology, German Diabetes Center, Duesseldorf, Germany; 3Philips Healthcare, Hamburg, Germany; 4Department of Metabolic Diseases, University Clinics, Heinrich Heine University, Duesseldorf, Germany

DIXON imaging is increasingly being used for liver fat quantification with a flexible Dual-Echo (mDIXON) technique recently introduced that provides a higher SNR through very short echo times. Tests of mDIXON versus 1H-MRS were conducted in a set of fat phantoms and human subjects. mDIXON showed a good correlation (slope=1.00, r=0.99, p<.001, intercept=4.5%) in the fat phantoms, and between mDIXON and 1H-MRS in vivo hepatic fat (slope=1.07, r=0.96, p<.001, intercept=1.6%). This shows that mDIXON can be used to detect changes in liver fat due to intervention in diabetics, but more work must be done for accurate disease diagnosis.