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Abstract #2439

High Resolution 3D Multifrequency MR Elastography at 7T

Juergen Braun1, Ralf Ltzkendorf2, Jing Guo3, Sebastian Hirsch4, Andreas Fehlner5, Ingolf Sack5, Johannes Bernarding6

1Department of Medical Informatics, Charite - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 2Department for Biometry and Medical Informatics, Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg, Magdeburg, Germany; 3Department of Radiology, Charite - University Medicine Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 4Department of Radiology, Charit - Universittsmedizin Berlin, Berlin, Germany; 5Department of Radiology, Charit University Medicine, Berlin, Germany; 6Department for Biometry and Medical Informatics, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

3D multifrequency MRE at 7 T MRI combined with least-squares multifrequency inversion was applied to five healthy volunteers in order to demonstrate the capability of cerebral MRE for providing maps of viscoelastic parameters with high spatial resolution. Our results show that the spatial resolution of viscoelastic parameter maps can approach the resolution of anatomical MR images. Viscoelastic parameters are significantly higher for white matter compared to gray matter. Ultrahigh field 3D multifrequency MRE may be used in the clinic for the mechanical characterization of tumors or neurodegenerative processes.