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Abstract #2500

Expansion of the GESFIDE Sequence for Simultaneous SWI, T1W Imaging and MR Angiography

Wei Feng1, Yang Xuan1, Ewart Mark Haacke1

1Radiology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, United States

Gradient echo sampling of FID and echo (GESFIDE) and its variants have been studied to quantify tissue relaxation rates, including R2, R2* and R2. In this abstract, we expand this sequence to also achieve susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI), T1W imaging, and MR angiography. Gradient echoes are placed before the refocusing pulse, after the refocusing pulse and even after the spin echo. A carefully selected flip angle, echo time and repetition time allow the unwrapping of multiecho phase images to generate improved SWI images. Furthermore, good T1 contrast can be achieved at short GRE echoes while MRA can be obtained at the spin echo.