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Abstract #2575

Dynamically Unwarped Diffusion Imaging Removes Direction-Dependent Eddy Current Effects and Unveils Hidden Fiber Structures

Erik B. Beall1, Myung-Ho In2, Oliver Speck2, Ken E. Sakaie1, Mark J. Lowe1

1Imaging Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, United States; 2Biomedical Magnetic Resonance, Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany

Eddy current artifacts reduce resolving power of DTI scans and obliterate small fiber tracts. By acquiring forward and reverse phase-encodes for every direction and using new algorithms for unwarping these together, both the static and dynamic (diffusion direction, breathing and head position-dependent changes) field inhomogeneity can be removed. This dramatically improves the tensor fit error and uncovers structures invisible with only static unwarping.