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Abstract #2598

Rapid B1 Mapping Method for Multi-Channel RF Transmit Coil Using Phase-Difference

Kosuke Ito1, Masahiro Takizawa1, Tetsuhiko Takahashi1

1MRI system division, Hitachi Medical corporation, Kashiwa, Chiba, Japan

Fast B1 mapping method for multi channel transmit coil is developed. In this method, B1 map acquisition is only one time with using all transmit channels. The acquired B1 map is decomposed to B1 map for each transmit channel by using the information of phase difference between transmit channels. Without repeating B1 map acquisition, short scan time is achieved. Also, only B1 map for all channel transmission is used, this method relaxes the required accuracy of B1 map. For 4-channel transmit coil, scan time is only 1 sec.