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Abstract #2640

GPU-Enabled Individualized Acceleration Apportionment for SENSE and CAIPIRINHA

Eric A. Borisch1, Paul T. Weavers1, Stephen J. Riederer1

1Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

Improving the performance of 2D-accelerated 3D acquisitions by determining an individualized acceleration selection, (<I>RY, RZ</I>) for SENSE or (<I>RY, RZ,Delta</I>) for CAIPIRINHA, for each patient/coil combination is an area of active research. Determining what is the optimal choice of accelerations is a compute- and time-intensive step. To enable a clinical practice-compatible (fast) process, we have implemented a GPU-based optimization routine, enabling a wide range of potential acceleration choices to be examined in under 10 seconds. The process of converting these calculations to a GPU as well as observed performance improvements are discussed.