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Abstract #2669

An Estimation Method for Improved Reconstruction of MR Signal Parameters in Unilateral Scanner

Elad Bergman1, Arie Yeredor1, Uri Nevo1

1Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

This work shows the potential of post-processing estimation for SNR improvement in Unilateral NMR, aiding the use of such devices in bio-medical applications. We present a novel post-processing method to improve the SNR of the acquired signal in unilateral NMR scanners. We estimate the signal parameters from the noisy data with the weighted least square approach, and exploit more efficiently the inherently known characteristics of the NMR signal. The method was first develop and tested for T2 measurements with a CPMG-like sequence. Then, using a similar concept we further developed this method to improve the SNR of lateral sliceselective imaging scans.