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Abstract #2683

Prospective Compressed Sensing Accelerated Spectroscopic Imaging for Use in Geometrically Accurate in vivo Imaging

Joost van Gorp1, Job G. Bouwman1, Chris J.G. Bakker1, Peter R. Seevinck

1Image Sciences Institute, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

Spectroscopic imaging can be used as a means to acquire geometrically accurate images and characterize signal decay curves in the presence of off-resonance effects, without the need for additional post-processing corrections. To decrease the acquisition time for this inherently slow technique and increase its use for in vivo research, compressed sensing was used to prospectively accelerate the sequence up to a factor 5. Retrospective error evaluation of the reconstruction showed that complex averaging of temporal information, which is available at no additional cost in this sequence, decreased the reconstruction error.