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Abstract #2705

Motion Correction in Small Bowel DCE-MRI Using Robust Data Decomposition Registration

Valentin Hamy1, Shonit Punwani1, Jesica Makanyanga1, Stuart Taylor1, David Atkinson1

1Centre for Medical Imaging, University College London, London, United Kingdom

Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI is of interest for the detection of small bowel disorders including ulcerative lesions in Crohns disease. However misalignments arise due to patient motion during the acquisition. This is likely to alter the time intensity curve shape of a given region of interest and can affect data analysis. Butylscopolamine injection prior to acquisition can limit the effect of bowel peristalsis but correcting for breathing motion in the presence of contrast changes remains challenging. In this study we investigate the application of a registration approach, robust to contrast changes, to obtain accurate realignment of clinically relevant features in small bowel DCE-MRI