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Abstract #2732

Wireless Phased Array Endorectal Coil for Prostate Imaging

Haoqin Zhu1, Mehran Fallah-Rad1, Labros Petropoulos1

1R&D, IMRIS Inc, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

A novel wireless endorectal phased array coil design was presented. It has shown that this coil can greatly improve image quality in terms of SNR and signal penetration on the prostate gland by 7.5 fold in average with the combination of both wireless endorectal coil and 8 channel flex phased array coil. When compared with an external cabled 8 channel flex phased array coil only. In addition to the SNR improvements, the wireless phased array endorectal coil design is lightweight, enhances patient comfort and set up workflow and can be made to be a disposable device. Besides the significant improvement in SNR, the proposed phased array design of the coil provides significant coverage over the prostate gland.