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Abstract #2737

Mixing Loops and Electric Dipole Antennas for Increased Sensitivity at 7 Tesla

Graham C. Wiggins1, Bei Zhang1, Martijn A. Cloos2, Riccardo Lattanzi1, Gang Chen1, Karthik Lakshmanan1, Gillian Haemer1, Daniel Sodickson1

1Center for Biomedical Imaging, NYU Medical Center, New York, NY, United States; 2Center for Biomedical Imaging, New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY, United States

Analysis of the ideal current patterns corresponding to the Ultimate Intrinsic SNR show that for large objects at high field there can be a substantial contribution from electric dipole-like currents. For a body sized cylindrical phantom at 7T the Ultimate Intrinsic SNR for the center of the object is 23% higher for electric dipole-like (curl free) currents compared to loop-only (divergence free) currents, and is 54% higher if a combination of current patterns is allowed. Lesser but still substantial benefits are demonstrated in both simulation and experiment in a coil design combining loops and electric dipoles.