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Abstract #2750

Simulation Study of a 4-Channel Ladder-Shaped Body Coil at 3T

Yoshihisa Soutome1, Yosuke Otake1, Masayoshi Dohata1, Hisaaki Ochi1, Yoshitaka Bito1

1Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd., Kukubunji, Tokyo, Japan

We have designed a 4-channel body coil with ladder-shaped coils and demonstrated its characteristics at 3T using numerical simulations. The designed coil can increase bore size in the right-left and anterior-posterior directions because of the increase in space between nearest neighbor coils. The designed ladder-shaped coils were decoupled from each other very well. The designed body coil also showed good B1 uniformity of 7.6% in the region-of interest of 40 cm and the same transmission efficiency as the birdcage coil in the loaded condition. Simulation results suggest that the designed coil can be used as a multi-channel transmit body coil