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Abstract #2764

A Compact Setup to Improve the Quality of EEG Data Recorded During fMRI

Sara Assecondi1, 2, Paolo Ferrari1, Jorge Jovicich1

1Functional Neuroimaging Laboratory, Center for Mind/Brain Sciences (CIMeC), University of Trento, Trento, Italy; 2School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, United Kingdom

We describe the setup for simultaneous EEG-fMRI experiments used in our institution with a 4T MR-scanner. In our laboratory a compact setup was devised, in which the EEG cables are shortened and the amplifiers placed closer to the MR (RX/TX) coil and stabilised on a wooden form-fitting extension moving with the MR-bed. We found that a careful design of the EEG-fMRI workplace, tailored to the laboratory-specific needs, not only improves the quality of EEG data during simultaneous EEG-fMRI, but might also have an impact on important aspects such as safety, ergonomics and reproducibility of the setup across sessions and laboratories.