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Abstract #2769

An Actively Shielded 3T MgB2 MRI Magnet Design

Michael A. Martens1, Tanvir Baig1, Mihai Cara1, Robert W. Brown1, David Doll2, Michael Tomsic2

1Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, United States; 2Hyper Tech, Columbus, OH, United States

Superconducting MRI magnets are dominantly made with NbTi wire cooled below 4.2K using liquid helium. As helium costs have more than tripled in the last decade, there is a need for a cryogen-free conduction-cooled alternative. A key reason for pursuing MgB2 superconductor wire in the design of MRI magnets is its superior critical current compared to NbTi over a temperature range of 10-15K. We present a 3T whole body actively shielded main magnet design assuming second-generation multifilament MgB2 wire using an improved functional approach. Trade-offs for the reduction of any given parameter are analyzed.