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Abstract #2797

Potential for a Single High-Dielectric Head Coil Former to Reduce SAR and Improve SNR in Brain for a Wide Variety of Coils at 7T

Christopher Michael Collins1, Qing X. Yang2

1Radiology, New York University Medical Center, New York, United States; 2Radiology, The Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, PA, United States

Using numerical simulations, we explore the potential of a high-dielectric head coil former to improve MRI at 7T. A helmet-shaped former consisting of several sections was modeled and dielectric properties were optimized in a manual process. The resulting former greatly improved transmit efficiency to the head for both a large volume array and a patch antenna. The ability to perform RF shimming array was not adversely affected by the presence of the high-dielectric former. The former also improved efficiency, homogeneity, and penetration depth of surface coils placed on its outer surface. Results thus far are promising and warrant further investigation.