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Abstract #2850

Frontal Lobe Dysfunction Correlates with Microstructural Alteration of Cerebral White Matter in Multiple System Atrophy.

Takaaki Hattori1, Kinya Ishikawa2, Kiyobumi Ota2, Shigeki Aoki3, Naoko Mitani4, Hidehiro Mizusawa2

1NINDS, National Institute of Health , Chevy chase, MD, United States; 2Department of Neurology and Neurological Science, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Binkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan; 3Radiology, Juntedo University, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan; 4Otolaryngology, Kanto Central Hospital, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Pathology of multiple system atrophy (MSA) shows glial cell inclusions, predominantly found in the cerebral and cerebellar white matter. Although MSA patients complicate cognitive impairment, the underling substrates remain to be elucidated. Here, we aimed to elucidate the macro- and micro-structural alteration of brain and neuronal correlates of cognitive impairment in MSA patients by using voxel-based morphometry and diffusion tensor imaging. Out results suggest that there are localized white and grey matter atrophy as well as microstructural alteration in the broad white matter, and the frontal lobe dysfunction correlates with microstructural alteration of cerebral white matter in MSA patients.