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Abstract #2968

Assessment of Structural Connectivity in Congenital Hemiplegia: The Connectome in Unilateral Cerebral Palsy

Kerstin Pannek1, Simon Scheck2, Roslyn Boyd2, Stephen Rose3

1The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; 2The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia; 3The Australian E-Health Research Centre, CSIRO, Brisbane, Australia

Alterations in connectivity in children with left and right cerebral palsy compared to typically developing children were assessed. Connections with altered FA or MD were identified automatically from the connectome. Only pathways within the ipsilesional hemisphere, and interhemispheric pathways showed reductions in FA and increases in MD compared to typically developing children. In both children with left and right hemiplegia, connections between the motor regions and the brain stem, the thalamus, cerebellum and posterior cingulate were altered, as well as fronto-parietal connections and the interhemispheric motor pathway.