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Abstract #3005

in vivo Identification of Human Optic Radiation and Stria of Gennari Using High-Resolution Phase Difference Enhanced Imaging at 3 Tesla

Li Yang1, Guangbin Wang1, Lili Li1, Queenie Chan2, Weibo Chen3

1Shandong Medical Imaging Research Institute, Jinan, Shandong, China; 2Philips Healthcare, Hongkong, China; 3Philips Healthcare, Shanghai, China

Phase difference enhanced (PADRE) imaging technique uses three-dimensional (3D) principle of echo shifting with a train of observations (PRESTO) which can selectively enhance the phase difference between the targets and surrounding tissue. Our purpose is to evaluate the findings of the optic radiation and the myelinated layers in striate cortex (stria of Gennari) in vivo using PADRE and measure the phase values in optic radiation and striate cortex.The PADRE technique can differentiate the two layers of the optic radiation and identify the stria of Gennari, which, at least in part, seems to be associated with differential myelin content.