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Abstract #3027

MRI Texture Spectral Similarity Detects White Matter Microstructure as Compared with Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Yunyan Zhang1, Lenora Brown1, Luanne M. Metz1

1University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

T2-weighted MRI and DTI were performed in the white matter of five healthy volunteers. Fractional anisotropy (FA), radial and axial diffusivity were computed in 4 brain regions. Using T2 MRI, texture spectral similarity that dictates inter-voxel relationships was computed based on polar Stockwell transform. The genu and splenium of the corpus callosum demonstrated greater FA, axial diffusivity, and texture dissimilarity than the other structures, opposite to the pattern of radial diffusivity. With equivalent power to DTI indices, texture spectral similarity may be a sensitive measure of white matter architecture based on conventional MRI and embedded into clinical practice.