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Abstract #3091

Diagnostic Accuracy of Periodically Rotated Overlapping Parallel Lines with Enhanced Reconstruction (PROPELLER) Diffusion-Weighted MRI in Cholesteatomas

Yu-Chun Lin1, Jiun-jie Wang2, Che-Ming Wu3, Shu-Hang Ng1

1Department of Medical Imaging and Intervention, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, 333, Taiwan; 2Department of Medical Imaging and Radiological Sciences, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, 333, Taiwan; 3Department of Otolaryngology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan, Taiwan

The study evaluated the diagnostic value of multishot fast spin-echo periodically rotated overlapping parallel lines with enhanced reconstruction (PROPELLER) diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) in detecting cholesteatoma. The surgical pathologic findings were used as the reference standard in 23 patients. The images using PROPELLER DWI had significantly lower susceptibility and geometric artifacts, which resulted in higher sensitivity and accuracy compared with those using the single-shot EPI DWI. Both two techniques had 100% specificity in diagnosis. The multishot fast spin-echo PROPELLER DWI provided better diagnostic utility in detecting middle ear cholesteatoma compared with conventional EPI-DWI.