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Abstract #3130

Differentiation Between Apoptotic and Non-Apoptotic Cell Death Using Diffusion-Weighted MR

Sato Eida1, Marc Van Cauteren2, Yuka Hotokezaka1, Makoto Obara2, Tomoaki Okuaki2, Ikuo Katayama1, Miho Sasaki1, Misa Sumi1, Takashi Nakamura1

1Radiology and Cancer Biology, Nagasaki university, nagasaki, Japan; 2Philips Electronics, tokyo, Japan

The area and integrity of the plasma membranes, as quantified by the total CPL, are critical determinants of the diffusion characteristics on the cellular level. The evolution over time of the ADC values is characteristic of whether the cells die via apoptotic or non-apoptotic (necrotic) pathway. Therefore, this can be used as a cancer biomarker for differentiating between different pathways of cell death, e.g. in testing the effects of cancer drugs in vitro.