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Abstract #3319

Stronger Brain Functional Connectivity Revealed by Multi-Band Acquisition of FMRI

Zhan Xu1, Guangyu Chen2, Andrew S. Nencka1, Shi-Jiang Li1

1department of biophysics, medical college of wisconsin, milwaukee, wi, United States; 2department of biophysics, Medical College of Wisconsin, milwaukee, wi, United States

By applying multi-slice acquisition technique in resting state fMRI, we find out brain functional connectivity is stronger in this modality compare to standard slice by slice acquisition, in addition to less scan time. By using open source data from U- Minn, in which both Multi-slice acquired data and standard acquired data have same resolution, we did test with under same scan time and same slice number. The multi-slice data displays higher brain connectivity. A reasonable explanation is multi-slice method has higher sample frequency which leads to stronger temporal SNR. We then did a simulation to test our hypothesis