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Abstract #3393

Diffusion Imaging for Prostate Cancer: A Quantitative Comparison of Echo Planar Imaging and Half Fourier Single Shot Turbo Spin Echo Sequences

Ben Babourina-Brooks1, 2, Ian Brereton2, Gary Cowin2

1School of Cancer Sciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom; 2Centre for Advanced Imaging, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

DWI has been used to differentiate tumour and healthy tissue in the prostate based on ADC values, however the variation in the value is large enough to have significant overlap of healthy and tumour tissue. EPI is generally used for DWI but has inherent artefacts in imaging due to magnetic susceptibility, chemical shift and phase error. A spin echo based sequence may reduce these errors and produce a more accurate ADC value. In this study we compared HASTE to EPI in tumour detection accuracy. HASTE accuracy results were higher than EPI at the cost of scan time.