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Abstract #3400

Discrimination of Prostate Cancer from Chronic Prostatitis: Comparison Between Biexponential and Monoexponential Models

Wenchao Cai1, Feiyu Li1, Jintang Ye1, Queenie Chan2, Xiaoying Wang1, Xuexiang Jiang1

1Department of Radiology, Peking University First Hospital, Beijing, China; 2Philips Healthcare, Hong Kong, China

Intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) MR imaging is a non-invasive method with the ability of separation of pure molecular diffusion and perfusion effects. Chronic prostatitis mainly contributes low diagnostic specificity of prostate cancer detection in the peripheral zone (PZ). In this study we assess diffusion/perfusion IVIM features in histologically confirmed chronic prostatitis, prostate cancer and normal prostate PZ and compare with conventional DWI using biexponential and monoexponential model respectively. Chronic prostatitis demonstrated significantly higher diffusion characteristics than prostate cancer, while obviously higher perfusion and lower diffusion property than normal PZ detecting via IVIM analysis. IVIM may be of great potential in the better detection of prostate cancer.