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Abstract #3485

Optimizing 3D FSE FS Sequences of the Knee at 3 T for Clinical Use, Automated Segmentation, Quantitative Analysis of Articular Cartilage and Templating for T2 Maps: Creating a Single MR Data Set for Morphological and Quantitative Functions

Joshua Michael Farber1, Jose Tamez-Pena2, saara Totterman3, Hubert LeJay4, Edward Schreyer3, Karl Baum3

1Radiology, Qmetrics/Rad Ass of N KY, Cincinnati, OH, United States; 2Mathematics and Statistics, Tec de Monterrey, Monterrey, NL, Mexico; 3Imaging, Qmetrics, Rochester, NY, United States; 4MRI - Global, GE, Milwaukee, WI, United States

New 3D FSE sequences acquire rich MRI data sets. In the knee, this sequence can provide morphological and quantitative data, with a single acquisition. The data can be used for to render 3D articular cartilage thickness and 3D T2 Maps.