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Abstract #3516

MR Quantification of Fatty Fraction in the Muscle Atrophy in Rotator Cuff Tears from T2*-Corrected Dixon Fat/Water Separation VIBE

Young Han Lee1, Daekeon Lim1, Ho-Taek Song1, InSeong Kim2, Jin-Suck Suh1

1Yonsei University College of Medicine Severance hospital, Seoul, Korea; 2Siemens Healthcare, Seoul, Korea

Rotator cuff tears are the common problem in the shoulder. Fatty degeneration of muscles accompanied by tendon tears is an important prognostic factor. An accurate fat assessment is essential to set up treatment plan and to predict prognosis. However, there has been no standardized quantitative grading system, and the most widely used method for fatty infiltration is still disputed. We investigated the fat quantification using fat fraction map MR from the T2*-corrected in-phase and oppose-phase Volume Interpolated Breathhold Examination (VIBE) sequence in the patients with rotator cuff pathology on a 3-T clinical MRI scanner.