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Abstract #3540

The Effect of the Selection of Measured Tissue and Assumed Constant T1 Values on the Measurement of T1rho in Patients with Minimal and Severe Osteoarthritis (OA) at 3.0T MR System

In Chan Song1, Hyeonjin Kim1, Hye Jin Yoo1, Ja-Young Choi1, Sung Hwan Hong1

1Radiology, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Korea

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of the selection of measured tissue and assumed constant T1 values on the measurement of T1rho using 3D-gradient echo-based T1rho-weighted imaging sequence in patients with minimal and severe osteoarthritis (OA) at 3.0T MR system. The severity of cartilage degeneration was shown to have larger effect on T1rho from the assumed constant value to the measured tissue values in T1 value at the femoral cartilage at 3.0T. Therefore the usage of measured tissue T1 when T1rho is measured should be taken into consideration for the precise diagnosis of cartilage pathphysiology or the multi-center comparative study irrespective of the selection T1 value.