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Abstract #3554

Cerebrovascular Reactivity-Based Calibration of Presurgical Motor Activation Maps to Improve Detectability of the BOLD Signal in Patients with Perirolandic Brain Tumors

Domenico Zac1, 2, Sreenivasan R. Nadar1, Jorge Jovicich2, Jay J. Pillai1

1Division of Neuroradiology, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States; 2Center for Mind Brain Sciences, University of Trento, Mattarello, TN, Italy

The detectability of BOLD signal in brain tumor patients can be impaired by reduced cerebrovascular reactivity (CVR). In this study we propose to address this issue by introducing an algorithm that provides CVR based calibration of motor activation maps. This technique was applied in 5 patients with perirolandic brain tumors and demonstrated in each patient a statistically significant increase of activation in eloquent motor cortex surrounding the lesion.