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Abstract #3629

"T1-Enhanced" Whole-Brain Black-Blood RARE Images Using 3D MSDE-TSE with Anti Driven Equilibrium

Masami Yoneyama1, Masanobu Nakamura1, Taro Takahara2, Thomas C. Kwee3, Atsushi Takemura4, Makoto Obara4, Takashi Tabuchi1, Satoshi Tatsuno1

1Yaesu Clinic, Tokyo, Japan; 2Tokai University School of Engineering, Kanagawa, Japan; 3University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands; 4Philips Electronics Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Contrast-enhanced (CE)-MRI, using a 3D T1W GRE sequence, is an established method for screening of brain metastasis. However, since contrast materials remain in both blood and the tumor parenchyma, differentiation of vessels and tumor may become difficult. For overcoming this problem, 3D MSDE-TSE has come into use recently. Although MSDE-TSE can produce excellent-quality black-blood images in CE studies, it may suffer from decreasing of T1 contrast. To improve the T1 contrast of 3D MSDE-TSE sequences, we focused on the anti driven equilibrium (ADE). In this study, we propose a T1-enhanced whole-brain black-blood RARE imaging, using MSDE-TSE with ADE, for CE brain tumor screening, and to compare with the conventional methods.