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Abstract #3723

Robust Reproducible Semi-Automated Perfusion-Diffusion Mismatch Assessment in Acute Ischemic Stroke Setting

Venkata Veerendranadh Chebrolu1, Dattesh D. Shanbhag2, Arun Govinda Rao3, Patrice Hervo4, Marc-Antoine Labeyrie5, Catherine Oppenheim5, 6, Rakesh Mullick2

1Medical Image Analysis Lab, GE Global Research, Bangalore , Karnataka, India; 2Medical Image Analysis Lab, GE Global Research, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; 3GE Healthcare, Bangalore, Karnataka, India; 4GE Healthcare, Buc, France; 5Departments of Radiology and Neurology, Centre Hospitalier, Sainte-Anne, Paris, France; 6Universit Paris Descartes , Paris, France

In semi-automated stroke lesion segmentation based on user defined seed inputs, the location and shape of the input could vary. We developed robust and reproducible semi-automated DWI and PWI lesion segmentation algorithms and evaluated their performance and reproducibility in assessing perfusion-diffusion mismatch in a cohort of acute ischemic stroke patients. Repeated measures ANOVA did not show any statistically significant differences between ground-truth lesion volumes and those obtained using the semi-automated methods (p < 0.05). Mismatch agreement was achieved in 88% of the cases with a kappa (&#954;) of 0.766.