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Abstract #3740

A Magnitude-Based Asymmetric Fourier Imaging (MagAFI)

Tokunori Kimura1, Naho Imamura1

1MRI development department, Toshiba medical systems corp., Otawara, Tochigi, Japan

We proposed and assessed a new partial Fourier technique named MagAFI (Magnitude-based Asymmetric Fourier Imaging ) where only magnitude image with 0-filling is used and also it is possible to combine with POCS technique. MagAFI introduced smaller artifacts than standard homodyne method and the POCS combination sepecially in the portion of large and spatially high-frequency phase, reflecting the difference of residual phase errors after phase correction. Our proposed MagAFI is practically useful algorithm from the views of balancing image quality and simplicity. If allowing us to use phase information and to take processing time, MagAFI combining POCS is further better to improve image quality and robustness.