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Abstract #3782

Fast, Parallelized Implementation of a Novel Temporal Phase Unwrapping Method, and Comparison with Spatial Approaches

Horst Schdl1, Siegfried Trattnig1, Simon Robinson1

1Department of Radiology, Medical University Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Phase images can be unwrapped with spatial or temporal approaches. A new and fast temporal approach, suited to highly wrapped phase images at ultra-high field, is UMPIRE. It is based on a multi-echo acquisition with unequal echo spaces, and uses the difference between phase difference images (essentially a wrap-free estimation of B0) to unwrap phase images. UMPIRE was implemented in C using parallelization. The performance of UMPIRE was compared with region growing methods PHUN and PRELUDE using simulated data with complicated shapes and in-vivo images. UMPIRE was dramatically faster than the spatial methods PHUN and PRELUDE in all tests.