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Abstract #3787

Intensity Inhomogeneity Correction in Human Brain Imaging at 7 Tesla Using SPM8

Ikuko Uwano1, Kohsuke Kudo1, Fumio Yamashita1, Jonathan Goodwin1, Tsuyoshi Metoki1, Satomi Higuchi1, Kenji Ito1, Makoto Sasaki1

1Division of Ultrahigh Field MRI, Institute for Biomedical Sciences, Iwate Medical University, Morioka, Iwate, Japan

In ultra-high field 7 Tesla (T) MRI, signal intensity variation or inhomogeneity are caused by main magnetic field (B0) and RF field (B1) inhomogeneity, susceptibility effects, and inhomogeneous coil sensitivity. We tested a post-processing technique available with SPM8, for signal intensity correction of various scan sequences on 7 T MRI. We found that by using SPM8, signal inhomogeneity was successfully corrected and a reduction in signal non-uniformity between the subcortical and deep white matter was observed.