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Abstract #3819

Efficient Hybrid Parallel Imaging Reconstruction with Rotating Radiofrequency Coil Array

Mingyan Li1, Jin Jin1, Feng Liu1, Adnan Trakic1, Stuart Crozier1

1School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering , The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

With the ability of encoding larger number of sensitivity profiles, the novel 4-element rotating radiofrequency coil array (RRFCA) has better imaging acceleration performance than stationary phased-array coils (PACs). However, with more time-varying sensitivity encoding, the system matrix of RRFCA is more complex and leads to a longer reconstruction time. In this work, while maintaining the same acceleration capability, the fast hybrid image reconstruction strategy reduces the number of sensitivity encodings and obtains the fast initial estimation to improve the efficiency and accuracy of accelerated image reconstruction with RRFCA.