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Abstract #3840

Regularized Susceptibility Tensor Imaging for Generating White Matter Fiber Color Maps in Human Brain

Xu Li1, 2, Issel Anne L. Lim1, 2, Craig K. Jones1, 2, Peter C.M. van Zijl1, 2

1F.M. Kirby Research Center for Functional Brain Imaging, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD, United States; 2Radiology, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States

We propose regularization strategies for susceptibility tensor imaging (STI) based on a combination of structural information and the values of mean magnetic susceptibility (MMS) and magnetic susceptibility anisotropy (MSA). The goal is to generate color maps of fiber tracts using MR phase data from a small number of orientations. Human brain imaging data acquired at 7 Tesla using six head orientations with rotation angles of absolute magnitude 5&[deg] to 15&[deg] show that the principle eigenvector (PEV) map obtained from the regularized STI method resembles the PEV map from DTI, whereas the PEV map from the non-regularized STI method does not.