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Abstract #3898

Characterization of Fe-Co Ferrite Nanoparticles for Contrast Generation and Heat Therapy in Cancer

Sheikh Manjura Hoque1, Yuegao Huang1, Samuel Maritim1, Daniel Coman1, Fahmeed Hyder1

1Yale University, New Haven, CT, United States

Ferrite nanoparticles are used for contrast, but they also have potential for cancer therapy because nanoparticles can be heated by alternating RF. Since diamagnetic resonances are susceptibility-shifted with nanoparticles, temperature and/or pH mapping with typical MRI/MRS methods are difficult. To generate both tissue contrast and map temperature/pH in presence of nanoparticles, we used a new method called BIRDS, which requires that we detect protons emanating from a temperature/pH probe (e.g., TmDOTP5-) itself, instead of the agents effect on water proton relaxation times. Promising in vitro results from a family of Fe-Co mixed ferrite nanoparticles are discussed.