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Abstract #3921

Ratio of Lactate-To-Pyruvate Apparent Diffusion Coefficients Is an Indicator of Necrosis in Tumor Cells

Franz Schilling1, 2, Stephan Dwel1, 2, Ulrich Kllisch1, 3, Markus Durst1, 3, Steffen J. Glaser2, Axel Haase1, Marion I. Menzel3, Angela M. Otto1

1Institute of Medical Engineering, Technische Universitt Mnchen, Garching, Germany; 2Department of Chemistry, Technische Universitt Mnchen, Garching, Germany; 3GE Global Research, Garching, Germany

Using a modified pulsed gradient spin echo sequence, we analyzed MCF-7 tumor cell spheroids under detrimental conditions by measuring ADCs of hyperpolarized 13C-metabolites. Such conditions were given by treating cells with Triton X-100 to gradually permeabilize the cell membrane to mimic a necrotic process. The ADClac/ADCpyr ratio increased with time. Fluorescent staining showed that an increase of the ADClac/ADCpyr ratio correlates to an increase in the fraction of dead cells. As a new technique, 13C-metabolite ADCs are indicators of necrosis in tumor cells potentially making them useful tools for monitoring the pathological state of tumors in-vivo.