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Abstract #4026

1H-MRS with Visual Stimulation in the Study of Brain Bioenergetics and Glu-Gln Dynamics in 3T

Felipe Rodrigues Barreto1, Carlos Ernesto Garrido Salmon1

1Physics Department, University of Sao Paulo, Ribeirao Preto, SP, Brazil

Uncoupling between local blood flow and metabolic rate of oxygen consumption in the brain during increased neuronal activity suggests that non-oxidative metabolism should supply the additional energetic demand. In this study we evaluate metabolic changes in the visual cortex induced by photic stimulation in healthy young subjects using 1H-MRS in 3T. A total of 7 metabolites (NAA, Cho, Cr, Glu, Gln and Lac) were quantified and changes in Glu and Gln caused by stimulation were detected. Lac showed no statistical significant change during stimulation, however the correlation between Lac and Glu suggests coupling between both metabolites during increased neuronal activity.