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Abstract #4031

Comprehensive Spectroscopic Investigation of Liver Metabolism a Feasibility Study

Andreas Boss1, Ayse Sila Dokumaci1, Tania Buehler1, 2, Roland Kreis1, Chris Boesch1

1Depts Clinical Research and Radiology, University Bern, Bern, Switzerland; 2Institute of Myology, AIM and CEA, Paris, France

A comprehensive investigation of liver metabolism was performed using a triple tuned 1H/13C/31P-MRS surface coil to assess intrahepatic lipids (1H), glycogen (13C), phosphorous metabolites and the rate constant kPi&[rarr]ATP using saturation transfer (31P). The coil and optimized protocol allowed a full examination in acceptable scan times (~1.5h) without repositioning. In a cross-over design, 6 male subjects were measured before and 3h after intake of either glucose or fructose to test the feasibility of this approach.