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Abstract #4141

Single Slice Vs. Whole Organ MR-Renography

KS Winter1, Michael Ingrisch1, Michael Staehler1, Andreas D. Helck1, Margarita Braunagel1, Maximilian F. Reiser1, Konstantin Nikolaou1, Mike Notohamiprodjo1

1University Hospitals Munich, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

The aim of this study was to compare single-slice MR-Renography with measurements of the whole organ. 15 MR-Renography measurements with 30 kidneys were included. The results show no significant differences between single slice and whole organ FP, VP and GFR and correlation was excellent for all parameters (r>0.95). However single slice results were slightly higher than for the whole organ measurements. Based on magnetic field inhomogeneity there was a significant gradient between ventral and dorsal slices for FP, VP and GFR in analysis based absolute enhancement. In conclusion single slice MR-Renography is representative for the whole organ.