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Abstract #4183

Reduction of Boundary Artifact in Electrical Property Mapping Using MREPT

Joonsung Lee1, Narae Choi1, Jin Keun Seo2, Dong-Hyun Kim1

1Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea; 2Computational Science & Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Magnetic Resonance Electrical Property Tomography (MREPT) is an imaging modality to map the distribution of electric conductivity and permittivity of the subject at Larmor frequency using measured B1 maps from MRI. At the tissue boundaries, the assumption of locally homogeneous electric properties is violated, and thus the conductivity estimates deviate from the actual values, so called "Boundary Artifact". The proposed approach reconstructs the conductivity, permittivity, and two components of the electric fields, Ez and Ex+iEy. A novel reconstruction approach was developed to reduce the boundary artifact using the B1+ map acquired at a single transmit channel MR system.