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Abstract #4187

Magnetic Resonance Electrical Properties Tomography (MREPT) Based on the Solution of the Convection-Reaction Equation

Fatih Suleyman Hafalir1, Omer Faruk Oran1, Necip Gurler1, Yusuf Ziya Ider1

1Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Currently available practical MREPT methods reconstruct electrical properties within local homogeneous regions where conductivity (σ) and permittivity (ε) values are almost constant. In this study, we propose a novel algorithm named convection-reaction equation based MREPT (cr-MREPT) which reconstructs σ and ε also in transition regions where σ and ε vary. In regions where convective field of the convection-reaction equation is small, some reconstruction artifacts appear. Solution for this artifact is also proposed and demonstrated. The overall algorithm is tested using both simulated and experimental data from phantoms and successful reconstructions are obtained.