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Abstract #4207

Multi-Slice Myelin Water Imaging for Practical Clinical Applications at 3.0 T

Junyu Guo1, Qing Ji1, Wilburn E. Reddick1

1Division of Translational Imaging Research, St Jude Children Research Hospital, Memphis, TN, United States

Myelin water imaging is a promising technique for evaluating white matter diseases. Poor image quality and a long acquisition time are major obstacles to practical clinical applications. In this study, a novel postprocessing method with an efficient multi-slice acquisition scheme, called T2 spectrum analysis using a weighted regularized non-negative least squares algorithm and non-local mean filter (T2SPARC), is presented to overcome these obstacles. In vivo results from healthy volunteers and a patient with leukoencephalopathy showed that the T2SPARC method can generate robust and high-quality myelin water fraction (MWF) maps of 10 slices within 11 minutes.