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Abstract #4251

Is a 2D-Spiral Excitation Trajectory Sufficient for 3D Inner Volume Imaging ?

Alexis Amadon1, Alexandre Vignaud1, Aurlien Massire1, Michel Bottlaender1, Nicolas Boulant1

1CEA, DSV, I2BM, Neurospin, LRMN, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, France

Parallel transmission allows shortening fancy spatially-selective RF pulses. For a parallelepiped volume of interest, we investigate the possibility to use a mere 2D-spiral in excitation k-space to insure 3D selectivity for Inner Volume Imaging or CSI, by making the third dimension be the readout axis of a 3D sequence. We thereby observe to what extent the excitation profile is preserved along the readout direction. Moreover we demonstrate a zooming application on an ex-vivo baboon brain at 7T.