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Abstract #4332

High Accuracy Position Estimation of Interventional Devices Using a Controllable Passive Tracking Device

Hirad Karimi1, William Dominguez-Viqueira2, Charles H. Cunningham, 12

1Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2Imaging Research, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tracking of interventional devices under MRI guidance remains an active area of research. However, unless active tracking methods are used, its ability to track the interventional device is always hampered by the lack of contrast between the device-related effects on magnitude images particularly when projection images are used to find the device within a large volume. In this abstract, a new tracking technique, based on a recently proposed device, has been tested that uses the generated phase profile between ON and OFF states of the device in the acquired image in order to track the device with sub-pixel accuracy.