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Abstract #4343

PNS Safety of the Composite Gradient System

K Craig Goodrich1, Seong-Eun Kim1, Joshua D. Kaggie1, J. Rock Hadley1, William B. Handler2, Blaine A. Chronik3, Dennis L. Parker1

1UCAIR, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, United States; 2Physics and Astronomy, Univ of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada; 3Physics and Astronomy, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

This work was done to establish PNS limits for simultaneous operation of a 3 axis head/neck gradient insert and standard gradient system (composite mode operation). PNS thresholds were measured for each gradient system as well as combined operation for each axis separately and combined. Experimental results suggest that body and insert gradient thresholds are independent of each other, allowing for increased combined gradient field strength and slew rates in composite mode until either constituent threshold is reached. These results show a definite safety advantage for composite gradient mode operation allowing larger gradients and slew rates.