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Abstract #4371

Feasibility Numerical Study of the Travelling Wave MRI at 3T

Fabian Vazquez1, Alfredo O. Rodriguez2

1Fac Ciencias, UNAM, Mexico, DF, Mexico; 2Dep Ing. Elec, UAM Iztapalapa, Mexico, DF, Mexico

The travelling wave magnetic resonance imaging (twMRI) approach has been proved successful at 3T and 7T for large magnet bores. However, there is still some controversy regarding the feasibility of the twMRI being able to generate images a lower frequency than 300 MHz. To study this, we chose the parallel-plate waveguide because it is able to propagate any frequency for the principal mode, and its cut-off frequency is zero. Then, the PPWG Poynting vector fields with a human phantom and the magnetic fields for the principal mode were numerically computed at 3T.