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Abstract #4382

Dipole Antenna Without Ceramic Substrate and Still Low SAR: The Fractionated Dipole Antenna.

Alexander Raaijmakers1, Ingmar Voogt1, Dennis W. J. Klomp1, Peter R. Luijten1, Nico van den Berg1

1Imaging Division, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

RF coil array elements for body imaging at ultra-high field strengths need to be designed as antennas. An example of such a design is the single-side adapted dipole antenna (SiSiAD). Its drawback: it is heavy. In this study, we present another type of array element that has been designed according to radiative principles: the fractionated dipole antenna. It consists of a 30 cm dipole where the legs are split into 3 segments, interconnected by 20-50 nH inductors. Simulations and measurements show that the fractionated dipole antenna has similar or better B1+/SAR performance than the SiSiAD, while being lighter and cheaper.